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Welcome to The Spa at Saco Mills where the mission is to provide you with a unique and rejuvenating experience. Each of our menu selections are tailored to your individual needs and preference. Our highly trained therapist offer time-honored therapies that will leave you feeling renewed and centered. Every moment that you are a guest is another moment towards your healing experience. From the sanctuary to the treatment room you are met with a peaceful, quiet environment meant to help guide you through your unique journey into harmony. 

Located In the historical Saco Maine, overlooking the beautiful Saco River. 

Come early and relax in our private sanctuary where you can enjoy locally sourced spa snacks and our selection of relaxing & therapeutic teas from around the world. 


Experience to back up Excellence 


                                                              ~Our beautiful, talented and fun loving spa family~


                                                                A little About the Owner of The Spa at Saco Mills  

                                                                                 ~Janette JayJay Johnson Owner, LMT ESTI 

My name is Janette but let's assume we'll be good friends so call me JayJay.

I was raised in Southern Maine but I spent most of my young adult life traveling the world and eventually landing in

Hawaii. Hawaii was a life changing experience from Iao Valley and the fresh running springs and the plethora of

life in the oceans outside my front door. I felt connected with nature and it brought me untold peace and a deeper passion

for life. I wanted this for every one, the sense of serenity I felt when I was swimming with turtles and sharks or under a

waterfall hearing the birds singing their morning tunes. I thought, how? How could I recreate this feeling? This led me

to take a deeper dive into holistic Aesthetics and I discovered my love for Massage Therapy. The power to heal the mind and body with my own two hands through Aesthetics and Massage combined was nothing short of magical.

Utilizing the experiences, tools and guidance of past chapters in my life I put this new knowledge to work.

At the Spa at Saco Mills each and every treatment is an extension of myself and the experiences I have gained from you and the many chapters of this life that lead me here.

Thank you all, yes, you the clients! For giving me the tools I needed over the years to create this home away from home for you.

Thank you for providing me with the countless opportunities to improve and hone my craft. Thank you for giving me the honor and privilege to provide space during some of your most trying times and some of your happiest. I am proud to be a part of your journey and you mine.


~Meet Our Incredible Team:















~Nicole Spa Manager, LMT Sports Specialist                                                                                            ~Nicole and JayJay                                                                                                


Hello my name is Nicole but you call me Nikki,

Since graduating from massage school in 2005 I began to travel with it. Vail, CO. Martha's Vineyard, MA. Mendocino,CA, St Thomas USVI. And now back in southern Maine where I grew up... To fondly remember a few. For the last 3 years I have been massaging and living on a small island in the Caribbean. Water Island, USVI.

I have had the pleasure of learning and working in many of the different professional environments you might imagine; as an employee at a high end spa to independent massage therapist. Solo beach massages to groups of 20. From working out of one location to traveling to many. I love it all. But I am particularly fond of being able to partake in the workings and collaboration of a spa. There is nothing like it. When the organization behind the scenes comes together to create a professional and clean environment fed by the diversity of clients and practitioners. It is a synchronicity that one can feel physically, and in a space providing healing and care for another this is a basic requirement that must be provided. For the biology/the body, this type of space is incredibly important, to feel safe and cared for while you are receiving any type of treatment protects all in this type of space. 

The style of massage that has evolved over the years I describe as intuitive deep tissue and therapeutic massage. Deep massage work has the potential to find and release core muscle lines in the body, It can release the fascial system and create more comfortable space in the body.  

It is a priority that each person knows how important they are to any of the work anyone is providing them. Communication is an incredibly important key, especially when it comes to deep muscular work... Preference, pain tolerance, mood, physical discomfort, and intention will be different in each session, it's important to communicate this... And hydrate!                                



                                                                         ~Haley Corliss LMT, Sports Therapy Specialist

Hi I’m Haley, I grew up in Vermont, moved to Maine in two thousand fourteen and started my massage journey shortly afterwards.

While on the search for my spa family I’ve experienced and honed my skills at many facilities like the Westin Spa, Old Port Fitness and the Cliff House.

My passion is mainly deep tissue and sports massage. I am currently continuing my education and training in neuromuscular therapies. 

I am so excited to be here contributing to this amazing team at The Spa at Saco Mills. 


                                                                                                  ~Aaron R. Lead Therapist LMT 

Hello Hello! My name is Aaron, I've been a Massage Therapist for 10 years and as of recently, an aspiring Health Coach.


For as long as I can remember I've had an innate desire to help improve the lives of others in a direct and personal way. Whether that's just offering a listening ear, giving advice in tough situations, or providing insight on ways to better take care of our health… My greatest joy has always derived from making people feel good.


So naturally after graduating high school, I knew I wanted a career that was centered around helping people. Originally thinking I would be a Psychologist, life ended up having other plans for me. After a series of unexpected events, I found myself in school for Massage Therapy. I immediately fell in love with being in a position to provide a safe space for people to fully unwind, be present, and escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Which I believe not only benefits our mental health, but also our physical wellbeing.


Fast forward to the present and that belief has formed the foundation of my work. In my sessions I tend to focus more on the nervous system as opposed to just thinking about soft tissue. There is legitimate research and theories that suggest the "pain experience" is not always the result of physical complications within the body, but can instead be a neurological response.


My goal is to calm the nervous system and hopefully reframe negative, physical, sensory experiences as a result. In combination to working with the nervous system, I also incorporate techniques that are focused on soft tissue manipulation, usually in the form of Trigger Point Therapy.


With these methods in tandem, I am able to not only provide a deeply relaxing massage for those just looking to zen out. But also provide pain and stress relief for those with specific acute or chronic pain. All of my massages are tailored to fit each individual's goals and expectations, so together we can create a massage that is perfect for you.


I am so grateful to be with this spa family, and so excited to be a part of the community here. I look forward to all of you whom I might get the pleasure to meet and work with! 



                                                                                                                     ~Avalon K. LMT 

Hello there! My name is Avalon, but please, everyone calls me Av.

I was raised in Bar Harbor, Maine (Acadia National Park), and after years of vigorous, competitive swimming and softball, and a very annoyed mother I received my first professional massage in a spa when I was 12. It was over, I was hooked. Immediately after graduating high school I knew bodywork was my calling, and I headed to Costa Rica!

The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy broadened my horizons more than I ever thought possible. The educators, and my peers didn’t just teach me how to do a job, they gave me a passion for it. Swedish massage is of course on my menu, but my specialty and my passion is Thai Massage.

I keep the magic of Costa Rica with me, but I have been back on the East Coast and practicing ever since I completed massage school in 2017. I, being a broke 18 year old, went back home to start massaging in Bar Harbor, but with work being so seasonal that far north I moved down to Portsmouth, New Hampshire after a year and a half.



                                                                                                                          ~Megan LMT

I am Megan (she/her) a momma bear to two of the coolest kids in the entire world, El (they/he) and Svea (they/she.) I am married to my best friend, who I fell in love with at first sight, at a bookstore on Long Island. My favorite things are going on adventures with my kiddos, snuggling with one of my 4 perfect cats, impromptu dance parties, going to concerts, long walks, losing myself in a good book, a fresh cup of coffee, and binge watching cringey reality shows. 


I graduated from the Utah College of Massage therapy in 2004. My massage style is productive and relaxing. I provide a connective and flowing massage with specific, therapeutic, and intentional massage strokes. In my experience the most productive healing and growth happens when we can work regularly and consistently over a period of time together. 


It is extremely important to me to provide a safe and comfortable massage experience for all folks. I can’t wait to work with you! 



                                                                                                                                ~Zoe ESTI 

Hi my name is Zoe I’m a licensed Aesthetician here at The Spa at Saco Mills.

I was born and raised in Maine right here on the coast of Old Orchard Beach.

Growing up I knew I wanted to do something that improved the lives of others and that’s where my passion started. Over the years I’ve honed that passion and became a licensed professional in this holistic healing field. Each individual person has a unique perspective and expectation for themselves and I help them achieve the ultimate goal of feeling comfortable in their skin.

Whether it’s stress reduction, youthfulness or fighting acne I am here to provide you with a solution you can feel good about.

I’m excited to be here and I can’t wait to help you achieve your Best You.


                                                                                                                           ~Caitlyn LMT 

Hi my name is Caitlin Baringer-Palmer, I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist that  joined the Spa at Saco Mills family in May.

Originally I’m from NY and I graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage, and now licensed in both Maine and New York, Specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Connective Tissue Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage. I enjoy working with each client individually to customize the massage to what their body needs and clients expectations. Each session in centered on engaging the Parasympathetic

Nervous System, leading the way to relaxation and de-stressing, and allowing the body’s natural healing process to take over.

Aside from therapeutic massage, my passions include gardening, herbalism, sound healing, reiki, baking and photography. I find myself always searching for more ways to relax and enjoy life in this crazy world around us; massage has been a wonderful outlet into the world of healing and I can't wait to share it with you!


                                                                                        ~Jane LMT, Holistic Health Coach 

Hello my name is Jane and I'm a certified Herbalist, Health Coach and Massage Therapist .

My massage journey first started in Georgia at the Atlanta School of Massage in 1999 and has taken me to various parts of the world with my love for travel. Having growing up in midcoast Maine, I’ve developed a love for the enchanting gifts Maine offers.

I have been a Massage Therapist for over twenty years and a Health Coach for over 5 years. My work endeavors have brought me to many professional and corporate settings. From the guests at the exclusive Regency Hotel to the employees at L.L. Bean and so many settings in-between. I find my work with seniors especially rewarding.

I bring to my practice a holistic style of Swedish massage, deep tissue, spa therapies, aromatherapy, energy work and in addition, health and wellness coaching. My belief is that the body is a sacred vehicle. It is important to listen to its valuable messages and nurture it intently.

It is a pleasure to be working for the Spa at Saco Mills with such a dedicated and talented team in an environment that truly is a unique spa experience.









                                                                               ~We can't wait to make your day~